Diocesan Membership

for Diocesan Social Action Directors AND THEIR STAFFS. Dues are dependent upon on the size of one's diocese/archdiocese.

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New Diocesan Membership

For any diocesan director who has not been an active, dues paying member for the past 3 years.

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Affiliate Membership

for any person employed as a social action director by a religious order, social justice-oriented Catholic organization, USCCB affiliate, or listed in the Official Catholic Directory (also known as the Kenedy Directory). 

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Associate Membership

for individuals working in a paid or volunteer social ministry position at a parish.
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Student Membership

for a Catholic undergraduate or graduate student at the college or university level, active in a parish or Newman center ministry related to outreach, peace, and/or justice (and/or interested in pursuing a career in the Catholic Church).

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